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Unitron Moxi - Orlando, FL

Unitron Moxi

More choice, amazing style

Unitron Moxi family consists of four receiver in the canal (RIC) instruments including the Moxi Now, Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss and Moxi Dura. The instruments are different sizes and offer slightly different features for most every hearing loss and preference.

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Unitron Stride - Orlando, FL

Unitron Stride

Leads the way in patient-centric design

Made up of three behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids with different levels of power, a full line of in the ear (ITE) hearing aids, and five technology levels, Stride is Unitron’s most versatile product line.

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Unitron Max - Orlando, FL

Unitron Max

Over-amplification is over

The only Super Power hearing instrument that fights over-amplification to protect hearing health, while also maximizing speech intelligibility. Consisting of two traditional BTE models and offered in three technology levels, the Max product line is specifically designed for people with severe and profound hearing loss.

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