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Dementia Caregiver Connection Education Series

Dementia Caregiver Connection Education Series

May 16, 2019 & June 20, 2019

When it comes to dementia caregiving, knowledge is power. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain insight about dementia topics every caregiver should know. Courses for our series include:

  • Thursday, May 16, 2019

    “Understanding Behaviors” Presented by:
    - Gayle Shepherd Hariprashad, RN Maturing Minds Program Coordinator
    - Judy Q. Clark, LCSW Maturing Minds Social Worker

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019

    “Round Table Discussion” Panel members:
    - April Boykin, MSW,LCSW - Counseling Resource Services, Inc
    - Dr. Ira Goodman, M.D. - The Compass Clinic
    - Peggy Bargmann, RN - Brain Fitness Club
    - Patrick Davis, Vice President - Life Care Therapy

All events will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Come to one or come to both, but call today as spaces are limited. A complimentary light dinner will be served. Event to be held at:

AdventHealth Winter Park Conference Center (formally known as the Library)
1925 Mizell Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792
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RSVP for these events by the Tuesday prior to each class by calling (321) 578-9954 or e-mailing or visiting connections-18129418765

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AARP hearing aids

As an UnitedHealthcare AARP* covered beneficiary, we are excited to announce a new benefit-A Premier Hearing Instrument from a leading manufacturer at low co-pay cost. We know that patients deserve high quality hearing solutions that are affordable. AARP has partnered with providers to deliver an exceptional patient experience and a new hearing instrument solution with cutting edge technology, features, and style. This is an exciting opportunity that has been unavailable to many patients until recently.

The new hearing instrument gives you:

  • The latest platform technology and features, including hands-free direct connectivity to all mobile phones.
  • Two performance levels with intelligent Soundscape Manager technology to take command of conversations across every environment.
  • Proven signature features Speech Target 2, Sound Mapping, Auto Sound control and Natural Sound.
  • A full range of styles, including completely in the canal models.
  • Compatibility with the new TV connectors using Dolby Audio technologies to play movies and TV shows in surround sound-also works with tables, and other digital devices.

We are excited to be able to offer these signature products to our current and new patients with UnitedHealthcare AARP as their primary health insurance. Get ready to enjoy premier hearing instruments at a low cost to you. Call us today to schedule your consultation to review your options and the hearing instruments designed with you in mind.

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FREE Hearing Services

FREE Hearing Services

You can hear, but can't understand? You may a hearing loss. Visit our office today for a:

  • FREE Consultation
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  • Demonstration of Hearing Solutions

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